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Social media marketing (SMM) represents the presence of businesses among people and communities on social media platforms such that content is easily managed in an attempt to increase brand awareness, and as well enhance the reputation and publicity of businesses online. SMM moves alongside Social Media Optimization (SMO), which ensures that online aspects of an organization are integrated into a single and coherent effort to promote any business.

How can Social Media Help Your Business ?

With close to 1.5 billion (over 20% of total world population) using Facebook at least once a month; and another half a billion people on Google+, presence on social media is no more a fancy option but imperative for your business. Moreover, the UAE and Middle East have one of the highest smartphone penetration rates globally, in addition to one of the highest records of social media activity relative to population. Your local business must therefore not be left out of this opportunity to engage customers, gain valuable leads, and build reputation online through quality social media marketing towards loyalty building.

social-media-marketing Social Media Marketing(SMM)


Why Choose MaxGrowth for Social Media ?

MaxGrowth understands that brand building must be done appropriately by engaging followers through expert content management. As your local and trusted social media marketing agency in Dubai, MaxGrowth guarantees maximum customer involvement through quality discussions, debates, and publicity, relevant to client’s business areas.

MaxGrowth offers a complete Online Reputation Management (ORM) program using White Hat SEO techniques to build positive branding for you and bringing it to the forefront of search engines.

MaxGrowth sets up and manages SMM & SMO Services on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and other such platforms for small, medium sized and big companies in Dubai. The company remains amongst the top  social media companies in Dubai. Our expert social media managers are ever ready to monitor all your platforms on a 24 hour basis. In offering social media marketing services, we synergize all platforms into a single integrated marketing communication effort.



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